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As a veteran lawyer, and peer-rated at the highest ranking in both ethical and legal competence (*), attorney Robert Glasser assists Orange County, California, clients in resolving their often contentious divorces. First, Robert encourages a peaceful, either mediated or a collaborative approach for his divorce clients to consider. Being a Family Law Lawyer, attorney Robert Glasser knows that promoting peace-making and parental decisions made together is best for children. Then, parents become aware of and find solutions that protect the well-being of their children, first and foremost.

This distinct philosophy, that Robert applies in a mediation, or other forms of a cooperative, collaborative divorce, empowers husbands and wives, moms and dads to understand that while the marriage may be ending, parenting never stops. Creating a co-parenting plan also fosters skills for future communications between parents, when new challenges and new decisions may be needed.

Also fostered in mediation or collaborative divorces are financial planning and equitable divisions of assets and debts. All of which does the transition of divorce allow when the couple controls their own outcomes. Mediation works best for couples who share one or more objectives as important goals to achieve at the end of their divorce. A Collaborative Divorce works better in a higher conflict, more complicated situation, or where there is knowledge or other imbalances. In either a mediation of collaborative approach, navigation is not based on emotional reactions, but rather on what are the mutual goals you and your husband or wife wish to accomplish.

Robert’s family-focused strategy is founded on his belief that the best decisions are made by the people most affected – the divorcing husband and wife. Research over decades reveals that self-made settlement agreements last, and work. A Mediation or Collaborative, peaceful Divorce process not only avoids the unnecessary fees and costs of court combat, but also greatly reduced ar the stress and uncertainty of what will happen to you, and your children. Robert suggests you choose not the polarizing litigation experience. Rather, he urges couples, like you, to sit together with him and other divorce professionals, as needed, to be on your team. Together, the facts, feelings, hopes and concerns each of you have are laid on the table, face up. That way, your shared objectives can become your win-win decisions.

With Robert’s peace-making and hands-on, team approach, you maximize your participation, minimize the anger provoking aspects so often found in divorce by combat, and promote instead the successful results of your choice. Divorce by a Mediation or Collaborative process means being able to focus on the transition that is a divorce and plan for your future based on legal and factual information and professional guidance. More details regarding attorney Robert Glasser’s legal and peacemaking services, training and experience are at or

(*) CV, BV, and AV are registered certification marks of Reed Elsevier Properties Inc., used in accordance with the Martindale-Hubbell certification procedures,

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